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Latches, Fasteners & Handles

Custom Options

Several latch designs are available for light-duty applications. The latches pictured at right show just some of the custom options. For example, latch designs can include metric hardware, socket head cap screws, special square nuts, and more. Contact Clampco to discuss your custom latch requirements.


Clampco offers different knobs for custom requirements. The knobs shown at right are specified when operators need to open and close clamps by hand. The plastic knobs are recommended for light-duty applications and should not be exposed to high temperatures. They are commonly requested for applications on water filtration canisters and other applications where frequent maintenance is required.

The knurled knob is 300 series stainless steel and is a high-quality option for sanitary applications. The knurled knob is a popular choice for clamp applications on food and chemical processing and transportation equipment.


A Clampco T-handle is another custom option for clamp applications that require hand tightening. T-handles come standard in 3 in. lengths and are steel cadmium or zinc plated. Stainless steel designs are also available. T-handles are commonly specified for clamp applications on pool filters and telecommunications equipment.


Clampco offers several over center latch handle designs. The over center latches pictured at right show our captured and slotted yoke designs. A captured yoke holds the T-bolt in place when operators open the over center latch, while a slotted yoke lets the T-bolt fall away from the clamp assembly. Your application requirements will determine what yoke style is the best option.

Several safety features are also available with the over center latch handles. These options prevent accidental opening of the clamp. The light-duty over center latch handle can include a safety clip, which flips over the end of the handle. Another option is a safety pin, which locks the yoke to the handle.

The medium-duty over center handle is available with a safety pin or a safety clip. Once again, the safety pin locks the yoke to the handle and must be removed prior to opening the clamp. The safety clip works by providing interference with the handle and must be pressed down in order to fully open the handle.


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