Stainless Steel Clamps - Custom Considerations

Stainless steel clamps are just one example of the wide array of custom-configured clamps available today.

Any portion or feature of a clamp can be modified, depending on:

  • Weight issues
  • The need for corrosion resistance
  • Type of environment
  • Size of hose, vessel or flanges
  • Temperature dissipation
  • Space limitations
  • Project's purpose
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Need for pressurization
  • Re-useability

Whether your application requires stainless steel clamps, or more exotic materials like titanium, Clampco has the mechanical engineering and sales engineering expertise to configure the right clamp for your next project.

Our vast experience and CAD abilities allow us to provide the best "engineered joining solutions" for our customers.

When you need customized stainless steel clamps or other specialized joining solutions, make Clampco your first choice. Contact us now to begin the process.

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