T-bolt Clamps: The Importance of Being Measured

T-bolt clamps from Clampco offer a wide variety of advantages:

  • Higher-torqued assemblies (creating a more efficient tightening mechanism)
  • Attention to detail (like smooth edges and quality
  • One of the strongest trunnions available (stainless is standard instead of plated steel)
  • Ease of installation
  • Allowance for slight variations in hose diameter and shape
  • Plated steel bolts are alloy steel instead of low carbon steel

But even the very best t-bolt clamps won't work properly, if they aren't the right size.

And a small mis-measurement of the diameter can make a big difference - usually three times the amount of the mistake. The best way to properly size for t-bolt clamps is simple:
  1. Always remember to have the hose accurately assembled the way
    you plan to use it.
  2. Accurately measure the outside circumference of the hose
  3. Divide that measurement by pi (3.1416)

Click here for more details on sizing t-bolt clamps.

Or contact us now for assistance with your next purchase of t-bolt clamps.

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