Exhaust Clamps & the EPA's Diesel Particulate Filter Rules

The right exhaust clamps are an important factor in meeting the federal EPA's new diesel particulate filter rules.

With rules in place requiring fewer emissions from new diesel engines by 2007, the EPA also is focusing on cleaning up the emissions of existing diesel engines, which in many cases requires retrofits and the installation of diesel particulate filters.

These filters are available in several types, including:

  • Wall-flow ceramic cordierite
  • Woven fiber cartridges
  • Temperature resistant paper (disposable)

Properly fitting exhaust clamps are crucial to the success of the particulate filters, which can also be installed as original equipment.

The EPA estimates that diesel particulate filters may reduce particulate matter in exhaust streams by more than 90 percent. But poorly fitting exhaust clamps can allow particulate to leak through, dampening the filters' effectiveness.

Clampco's extensive experience in "engineered joining solutions" means we can configure and manufacture the right exhaust clamps for your diesel particulate filters, whether you're installing them as a retrofit or as original equipment.

Contact us now to take advantage of our expertise in exhaust clamps.

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