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Clampco serves the many applications where clamps are required in the fluid/oil/gas industry.



The filtration market includes a wide array of industrial applications from saw dust collection, filtration of large aquatic tanks at zoos to liquid filtration of machine tool cutting fluid. Media, cartridge, reverse osmosis and membrane filtration all utilize our clamp products to affix or provide a leak-proof seal in their filtration systems.



Clampco supplies heavy duty T-Bolt Band clamps to the irrigation industry for Center Pivot style irrigation systems. These systems are exposed to the elements 365 days a year and require a robust, yet cost effective clamp.


Waste Water/Sewage Treatment

Our customers rely on Clampco to supply all 316 stainless steel clamp products for their highly corrosive applications. Costs to maintain municipal treatment plants can be enormous, so our clamps have to perform.



Clampco manufactures V-Band and T-Bolt Band clamp products for top Global Pump and Valve manufacturers. Applications can range from large Dewatering Pumps, Actuator Flow Valves to Back Flow Prevention Valves. Our clamp products are specifically designed to meet our customers internal pressure requirements.


Bulk Handling/

From aggregate to plastic resin pellets, Screener/Separator equipment operates under harsh environments. Clampco produces clamps that exceed 10 feet in diameter for our Bulk Handling industry customers. Our clamp products offer tool-less quick release latch options for frequent servicing of equipment.


Food Processing

Quick release/tool-less style clamps are essential in the Food Processing industry due to frequent cleaning and sterilization of equipment. Clampco provides custom clamp designs to meet the needs of this industry.



As the leader in providing clamp products for the metering, blending and feeding of pharmaceutical products to customers worldwide, Clampco Products offers one-off product designs and supports low volume production to meet the specific demands of this industry.



Clampco provides clamp products to manufacturers of Material Handling equipment used in steel mills, as well as Magnetic Separation Devices that remove hazardous metal particles during food and bulk processing. Our clamp products are trusted to perform these safety critical systems.


Chemical Processing

The broad scope of customers served by Clampco in this market is enormous. Customers require varying levels of corrosion resistance based on chemicals being produced and processed. Highly caustic chemicals may require a clamp manufactured from exotic, high nickel alloy material or a beverage customer may simply require standard materials. Clampco can offer a clamp design for every situation.

Clampco Products Inc.

1743 Wall Road

Wadsworth, OH 44281

Established in 1971, Clampco Products is a family owned, USA manufacturer of high-quality stainless-steel clamps including V-Band, T-Bolt, Barrel Hardware, Worm Gear and Custom Clamps as well as Straps & Strap Assemblies.

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