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Clampco serves the many applications where clamps are required in a variety of general industrial uses.


Textile/Paper Manufacturing

Our products are used in the manufacturing of automated paper and textile manufacturing equipment worldwide. These types of equipment produce product at extremely high speeds and rely on Clampco to provide quality clamp products to keep their equipment running.


Medical Equipment

Clampco provides clamp products to manufacturers of MRI equipment used in hospitals, as well as custom Medical/Surgical Beds. Clampco provides the necessary clamp products that exceed our customers reliability and safety requirements.


Heavy Machinery/Fabrication

Clampco has hundreds of Custom Fabrication customers that serve multiple markets. Each customer may need a single custom clamp or 1000’s of clamps. Clampco is the only clamp manufacturer in North America that can serve low and high volume clamp requirements.



As electronic devices continue to evolve and become increasingly part of our daily lives, the need for semi-conductors and other electronic components continues to grow. Clampco provides V-Band clamps for the duct systems that trap the acidic/poisonous gases produced due to the manufacturing of semi-conductors. These clamp products help to speed the assembly of 100’s to 1000’s of feet of ducting during the construction or renovation of manufacturing facilities.



Clampco Products treats our Distribution partners with respect and honesty. We are partnered with some the largest North American and Global MRO and VMI Distributors. This partnership is built on a strong trust and the understanding that Clampco supports the needs of our direct distribution customer and reacts quickly when our distribution customer’s customer needs our support. We offer full technical support to our distribution customers to add value and help grow business together.

Clampco Products Inc.

1743 Wall Road

Wadsworth, OH 44281

Established in 1971, Clampco Products is a family owned, USA manufacturer of high-quality stainless-steel clamps including V-Band, T-Bolt, Barrel Hardware, Worm Gear and Custom Clamps as well as Straps & Strap Assemblies.

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