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Clampco Customized T-Bolt Band Clamps A-J
We Customize Clamps to Meet Your Specific Needs

Clampco offers a wide variety of custom design features to suit your specific application. The clamps pictured on this page show just some of the available options.

Customized T-Bolt Band Clamps
  • A. Clamp with welded lugs to hold a heat shield around the clamp.
  • B. Clamp with sliding mounting bracket typically used for Performance Racing Fuel Pumps, Overflow Catch Cans and Fire Suppression Tanks.
  • C. Lug clamp for attaching clamp to other structures. Customers can specify any number of sliding lugs.
  • D. Clamp with rolled edge liner to prevent hose damage.
  • E. Saddle latch clamp with visible indicator on bolt to prevent over-tightening.
  • F. Clamp with sliding clips for attaching clamp to other structures. Customers may specify any number of clips.
  • G. Roll formed lighting ring clamp with simple spring closure. Lighting rings are used to hold lenses to light housings.
  • H. Strap assembly with rubber pads to protect the object being held in place.
  • I. Quick release clamp with long knob to prevent interference with clamp band. Knob allows operation of clamp without tools.
  • J. Clamp with heat shrink cover to protect the object being clamped.

Clampco Customized V-Band Clamps K-U
Customized V-Band Clamps
  • K. V-Band Coupling with an over center latch handle and a safety clip to prevent accidental opening.
  • L. Extra wide V-Band Coupling for holding filter housings together. V-Band also has a special long nut to provide easier wrenching.
  • M. Heavy duty V-Band Coupling with a long, non-standard, fabricated T-Bolt.
  • N. Worm Gear V-Band Coupling that offers an economical solution for joining plastic valves and couplings.
  • O. V-Band Coupling with spherical v-retainers for improved exhaust leak rate due to radial pipe misalignment.
  • P. V-Band Coupling with long knob allowing for hand tightened installation typically used for small residential water filters.
  • Q. V-Band Coupling with quick release barrel/socket head cap screw hardware that offers quick assembly without dealing with a deep socket installation.
  • R. V-Band Coupling with a light-duty over center latch handle. The handle can be secured with a safety pin, which passes through the hole in the yoke.
  • S. V-Band Coupling with a medium-duty over center latch handle and a safety clip to prevent accidental opening of the clamp.
  • T. Hinged V-Band Coupling offers excellent installation flexibility.
  • U. V-Band Coupling with quick release latch provides quick and easy access to joints.

Custom Clamp Considerations

Any portion or feature of a clamp can be modified, depending on:

  • Weight limitations
  • The need for corrosion resistance
  • Type of environment
  • Size of hose, vessel or flanges
  • Temperature exposure
  • Space limitations
  • Product intended use
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Application pressure
  • Serviceability requirements
Over-center handles
are not to be used
for pressurized
V-Band applications


Our vast experience and CAD abilities allow us to provide the best "engineered joining solutions" for our customers. When you need customized stainless-steel clamps or other specialized joining solutions, make Clampco your first choice. Contact us now to begin the process.

Clampco Products Inc.

1743 Wall Road

Wadsworth, OH 44281

Established in 1971, Clampco Products is a family owned, USA manufacturer of high-quality stainless-steel clamps including V-Band, T-Bolt, Barrel Hardware, Worm Gear and Custom Clamps as well as Straps & Strap Assemblies.

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