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Clampco serves the many applications where clamps are required to keep vehicles moving in the transportation industry.


Heavy Duty Truck

Clampco Products provides solutions to our OEM and Tier 1 On-road Truck customers, allowing them to meet the stringent U.S. EPA and CARB emission restrictions. Our USA manufactured clamp products stand up to miles of wear and tear, while reducing owner/operator maintenance costs.



Locomotives were the life-blood of the American Industrial Revolution and continue to be the single most economic method of moving freight on land. Clampco provides extreme duty clamp products to Locomotive manufacturers that stand up to the intense heat and vibration generated by their 5000 horsepower engines..



Ag Vehicles and Implements vary in size and shape, but all require reliable clamp products manufactured by Clampco Products. The average lifespan of an Agricultural Tractor is 22 years. Our clamps stand the test of time in the field and help our Ag Equipment OEM customers with improved product quality and customer satisfaction.



Few industries are hit harder by unplanned downtime than Construction and Mining. Downtime costs per hour can range from $100’s to $1000’s of dollars per hour. Clampco Products supplies our Global Construction/Mining equipment OEM’s with World Class quality clamp products to keep their equipment running strong.



Clampco Products is a qualified DOD source for hundreds of NSN’s and a direct supplier of USA manufactured clamp products to the Military/Defense markets. We stand committed to supporting our #1 customer… Our Troops.


Bus/Motor Coach

It’s not uncommon for a Transit Bus to exceed 2,000,000 miles over its lifetime. Clampco Products keeps Transit Bus and Motor Coaches on the road longer with our heavy-duty V-Band and T-Bolt clamp products. Our clamps utilize quality fasteners that improve ease of maintenance and repair, saving time and money.


Work Boats/Commercial Ships

From Coast Guard Vessels to Tug Boats and Ocean Cargo Ships, Clampco Products provides high strength, corrosion resistant clamp products. Ship builders and Marine Engine Manufacturers rely on our 316 stainless steel clamp products to stand up to salt water, heat and pressure.


Diesel Emission Aftertreatment

No other clamp manufacturer has more experience in the design and production of custom engineered V-Band clamps for the Diesel Emission/ Aftertreatment market than Clampco Products. Since 2006, Clampco has been a global leader in supplying clamp products for Diesel Aftertreatment Systems and supplies over 65% of all Class 8 truck aftertreatments systems currently sold in the USA.  

Clampco Products Inc.

1743 Wall Road

Wadsworth, OH 44281

Established in 1971, Clampco Products is a family owned, USA manufacturer of high-quality stainless-steel clamps including V-Band, T-Bolt, Barrel Hardware, Worm Gear and Custom Clamps as well as Straps & Strap Assemblies.

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